Print Design

For my continued work with Rockfish this is a poster to help promote the seasonal dishes that are going on the menu. I shot the dish at the restaurant and produced the poster which gets delivered to the sites to go up in frames.


Very pleased to document the journey of 3 talented young entrepreneurs to detroit with Virgin StartUp and Shooting solo I had to capture the event from start to finish with an interview on the plane 36,000 ft in the air. The interview was with the entrepreneurs, Richard Branson, Julie Dean from the Cambridge Satchel Company and Tom Wood from Rapha. Quite a task to shoot such a project solo but happy to take it on. My job was made a whole lot easier by having the rather talented Steve Lamb host the video, tell the story and guide the others through talking to camera. Apart from filming the trip I also took some stills to help with social media and promotions. 

Such a great trip with some wonderful people, Ii was great being around these business discussions, hopefully picked up a few tips myself.


Had a great opportunity to work with director Peter Richardson on a shoot for Rockfish. Peter is a good friend of Mitch's and he offered his services to help direct an advert to celebrate the launch of Rockfish Brixham, the 4th restaurant in the group. It was quite a production with loads of extras and big lighting rigs.


Ed is a genius at what he does. His design concepts are inspired and technical delivery is flawless. A real joy to work with what Ed has done in the design work for my course material, manuals and websites has enabled us to lift the quality of what we do the next level.

Ian Pitchford - Director of Adventure Education


It's great spending time down at Powderham Castle with Toby & Lisa Buckland, they're great to work with in their beautiful Plant Centre in the ground of the castle. This is one of the shots from the day I spent with them

Print Design

Rockfish sponsor local sailor Henry Bomby in his early career as a sailor. I support Henry with artworking for his fund raising and to promote events Rockfish will be supporting him in. This year the Solitaire du figaro is coming to Torbay where one of the Rockfish restaurants is. We'll be creating lots of content over that week, which is set to be a really exciting time


As part of the South Sands re brand we have also created a seperate website to house all of the things going on in the restautant. This is to communicate that the restaurant is there to use whether you are staying at the hotel or not. It's got a really nice clean design which is really easy to navigate. It's built with a powerful CMS making updates quick and easy. It's packed with photography that I also supply for them. See Website >